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Heaven’s Gates believes that all animals have souls and go to Heaven.  The word animal comes from the Latin root that means soul. In 1990 Pope John Paul II declared in a public audience that "animals also possess a soul and go to heaven, and that men must love and feel solidarity with our smaller brethren". We are taught by all faiths that we are to be caregivers of the Creation and of the many species of animals, birds and fish. 

We know that animals have a moral sense, an appreciation of beauty, and some awareness of themselves.  It is also apparent that animals experience many ranges of emotions like humans do.  Our pets bring so much love, joy, beauty and meaning into our lives. God gave them to us to bless us with their companionship. We, it turn, are to take care of them.

Heaven’s Gates Animal Ministries is about helping people going through difficult times when their pet dies or has a terminal illness. The Florida ministry is also dedicated to sharing the biblical knowledge that animals possess a soul and go to heaven. It is also our desire to increase awareness of animal rights.

Heaven’s Gates provides many different services to the community at large and to individuals coping with animal pain, suffering, illness and death.  This particular ministry is Christian based but we do offer individual and collective faith memorial services and honor the various beliefs that we all hold dear.

God refers to all those creatures that have passed over as “blessed.”  The Bible

The “Truth of Creation” is that the purpose of the lives of animals is not to serve the needs and desires of humans but to manifest God’s glory.
Romans 8:19-21

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